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Cheap coach coin purses

Cheap coach coin purses is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. tch two opposite corners of the square. Crease along the fold line. Step 5 Position the triangle on a flat work surface so the folded edge is on the bottom. Fold the right point straight across the triangle stopping when the point meets the opposite edge. Crease along the fold line. Repeat the process with the left point. Step 4 Squeeze a drop of white glue on the inside or backside of Cheap coach handbags replica each point. Press Cheap coach turnlock wallet the points to the triangle to secure. Step 5 Separate the layers of paper at the top point. Fold the top layer of the front point down until the paper is flush with the top of the folded right and left point. Crease along the fold line. Glue the point to the side of the paper pouch to secure. Flip the paper pouch cheap gucci and coach bags over and repeat the process on the back. Make sure the fold line is in the same location as on the front to create an even top rim to the gift bag. Allow the glue to dry completely before continuing. Step 6 Secure a piece of 14 inch jute to the outside two corners of the gift bag top to create a handle. Tie a knot approximately 1/2 inch from each end of the jute. Squeeze Cheap small coach wallets the edges of the pouch open. Slide the ends of the jute into the pouch so the knot i
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