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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. d rather be doing anything else but checking me out. I work with public and there is no excuse for this rudeness. I have Clearance coach tote bags attributed most of this to age, but it does come down to poor management. They need to give us comment cards to fill out. Or are they afraid to? I dont like the high prices at krogers,the only time that I go to krogers is to get something on sale,which is very seldom,and when I do go I will go through one of the express lanes where you can pay it yourself and not Cheap coach backpack poppy have to deal with the snobby ass cashiers,all I can say if the little snobby ass bitches dont like their jobs is to turn in their vest and shit and walk out the door. I worked there for coach poppy bags for cheap awhile and could not take it, if have not worked in the public the, Cheap Cheap coach signature handbags coach clutch bag I would not get on here and comment. I do agree with the comment about the young kids they sure don't know what work ethic is this day and time. The employees does not have anything to do with the prices. I know like I said I was a former employee the public is very hard to deal with, they treat you like dirt, that is not all the people there is a lot of nice people but, some of the you can not please no way.?Ruffies Color Scents Lavender Scented
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