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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. is bags, then his opponent (standing at the same platform) tosses his four bags. This is known as a half inning in doubles play but a full inning in singles. Players may toss their bean bags from either side of the platform, but cannot change their sides once they have started tossing. Tossing is timed. A player must toss all four of his bean bags within 20 seconds. Bean bags must not touch anything (the ground, for instance) before landing on the platform or going Cheap coach sunglasses usa through the hole. There are two ways to score: IN: A bean bag that goes into the hole of the platform earns the tosser three points. It doesn't matter whether the bag goes in on the toss or if it lands on Coach cheap coach bags in toronto cheap bags replica the platform and then, Cheap blue coach purses perhaps by wind or by being nudged by another tossed bean bag, subsequently goes in. ON: A bag that lands anywhere on the platform and remains after all bags are thrown is worth one point however, no part of the bag may touch the ground. If a bag touches the ground at any point, either during the toss or after it lands, it must be removed from the platform before play continues. Bean bag imitation coach bags cheap toss uses cancellation scoring, which means only "unique" scores count. In other words,
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