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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. available to Britain in Bloom groups to buy alternatives. Millions of cubic metres of peat are imported into Britain each year. Peat is still produced in the UK, but in ever smaller quantities, as government money is used to buy up the mineral rights of peat producers in order to reduce the impact on Britain peat bogs. Continue reading the main storyPeat facts and figures 2.22 million cubic metres of peat sold in UK in 2012 1.67 million cubic metres of alternatives sold in UK in 2012 57% of compost sold is peat based, down from 62% in 2011 31,000 cubic metres Authentic coach signature bags of peat was exported from UK in Cheap original coach bags 2012 2010 government target of 90% reduction was missed New government target to end use of peat by 2030 Source: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Baseball coaches briefcase rawlings Coach flat shoes cheap Affairs Most bags of compost sold at garden centres contain up to 70% peat, even though manufacturers have been under pressure from the government to Cheap baby coach shoes reduce their peat content. The problem is that for gardeners, peat is good at its job. "It light, it cheap, and it holds water very well," says Dr Alexander from the RHS. "For many gardeners it the answer to their problems. The problem for the industry has be
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