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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. icago based Intelligentsia. The month old skyway outlet sets itself apart Authentic coach signature bags from the Bars mothership by offering a modest lunch menu, just a daily soup ($5), a simple salad of crisply fresh greens ($5) and a handful Bags coach handbags of sandwiches ($8). True to form, the sandwiches are fantastic, prepared to order with obvious skill and imagination and worth the steep for St. Paul price tag ($8). Another tip: if there a savory focaccia ($4.50 to $4.75) or one Replica coach sunglasses cheap of the kitchen lovely curried potato handpies ($4.50), by all means, order them. My waistline is thankful that my office isn nearby, because the afternoon sweets are irresistible. Gorgeous free form fruit and berry tarts. Cookies with tops collapsing into themselves, weighted down with butter. Hefty coconut macaroons, their spiky outer shell transformed by the oven heat to a dark, crunchy copper. And different plays on the signature house dessert, including a puckery lemon bar that has to be tasted to be believed. As for the tiny bags of delicate sabl and shortbreads that linger near the cash register, they an impulse purchase waiting Purses coach cheap to lay ruin to the efforts of countless dieters across the 55101 ZIP code. Lucky them. 55 E. 5th S
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