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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. ctions.?Servicing Requirements for a Saturn Vue If you live in a city and the weather is constantly around 90 degrees F or the road conditions are hilly, then the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) must be changed every 25,000 miles. If not, Cheap coach leather shoulder bags then the fluid only needs to be changed at 100,000 and again at 150,000 miles. At 100,000 miles, you'll also need to replace the spark plugs, the timing belt (again at 150,000 miles), change the transfer assembly fluid and the rear drive module fluid (both again at 150,000 miles), and the engine's valve clearance needs to be inspected. Coach cheap handbags wholesale You may want to keep the old timing belt in your Vue's trunk in the event of an emergency. Once you reach 150,000 miles you also will cheap coach bags from china have Cheap coach id lanyard to perform a cooling system flush and refill as well as inspect the engine's drive belt. Whenever you refuel your Vue, you may want to inspect the oil level and the coolant level under the hood. You should use full synthetic SAE 5W 20 oil for your V 6 engine and a 50/50 distilled water/Dex Cool brand coolant mix. Perform an oil and filter change every 3,000 miles. Dex Cool (orange colored) is GM's only recommendation for coolant. Check your Vue's tires for pressure, in
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