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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. the banana piece with the fork. Enclose about one third of the mashed banana in each of three squares of cheesecloth. Slowly squeeze one of the cheesecloth squares, and allow several drops of banana juice to Authentic pink coach purses fall onto the refractometer lens. Read the refractometer through the eyepiece. Record the measurement in degrees Brix ( a unit that describes looking for cheap coach bags the ratio of dissolved sugar to water of a solution. Clean the refractometer according to manufacturer's directions. Repeat the process with each of the two remaining cheesecloth squares. Discard the used Cheap coach wholesale cheesecloth squares. Record the average of each day's three readings. Repeat the procedure approximately every two days, using a different banana. You may adjust the testing schedule if the bananas ripen faster, or slower. At the end Coach bags cheapest price of the trials, Leather coach purses cheap Real coach purses cheap plot the results on a graph. Put the days on the x axis, and the on the y axis. Include the pictures of the bananas used for each test coordinated with their position on the graph, the refractometer and the lab results in the Science Fair display. Optionally, include a seven stage banana ripeness chart showing the progression from dark green to yellow, spotted banana. Repeat the experime
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