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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. ONE can make a GREEN difference!! A big thanks to Rachel of Sew Good and Trendy for Authentic coach purse markings taking the time to interview with St. Louis Green Living. Now get outta here and go check out those amazing bags!.?Sew Quilted Bags Using Fabric Leftovers Make quilted bags for gift bags, small purses or miniature storage bags using your scrap fabric. One of a kind bags can be constructed by mixing and matching a variety of fabric leftovers to create new fabric pieces. Simple enough for a novice to sewing, a quilted bag can be completed in an hour. Make several to have on hand for packaging your holiday gifts or Cheap coach boots online organizing hair or fashion accessories. Supplies Needed:Cut a 3 inch wide by 20 inch long strip from each of five different fabric scraps. Lay the strips side website for cheap coach bags by side and horizontal. Place the Cheap pink coach bags top two strips together with the cheap coach bags from china right sides facing. Pin one long edge. Sew the long edge using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Press the seam open. Attach each of the remaining three strips to the first Authentic coach handbags for women two in the same way to create a 13 inch wide by 20 inch long rectangle of fabric. Step 2 Fold the fabric rectangle in half, matching the two short ends. Press the folded edge to crease. Open t
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