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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. ncircle the heart. Lay the heart on a table, stand the band on its side, then form a circle around the heart. Tape or glue the two ends of the band together. This circle should be large enough to go around the sides Authentic purple coach handbags of the heart and rise Bag coach leather above that area to make a handle for carrying. So, create a large circle with the band then make a crease in the band, at any area besides the taped area. The crease you make will mark where the band meets the point of the heart. Glue or tape Authentic coach watch bands the crease of the band to the point of one of the hearts. Continuing gluing or taping until the band reaches the widest part of the heart, on each side. Flip it over and position the Fake cheap coach sunglasses second heart above the first one. Begin taping or gluing the second heart to the band, as you did with the first heart, starting with Cheap coach europe the band crease and the point of the heart. Tape or glue the band up to the widest part of the heart, on both sides. The remainder of the band makes the handle of the heart bag. Even if you didn't decorate the band you can still add embellishments to the handle at this time. This bag can hold valentines, jewelry gifts, gift cards or even lingerie. Make something Cheap coach bags usa similar, but much quicker, by s
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