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is now on sale with biggest benefits like free shipping and fast delivery. trashing the environment, killing off marine life, ruining our air and water quality and adding to overflowing landfills really worth the slight convenience of having bags waiting for us at the check stand, rather than bringing in our own? The answer is a resounding no. The verdict is in on paper vs. plastic both are environmentally devastating and, quite frankly, a selfish luxury of convenience. And, to further the argument, it's not even a life changing convenience. It doesn't save time, it doesn't save money (believe me, the cost of the bags is included in the goods you are purchasing and Cheap coach weekender bags some stores give a discount for using your own bags), and it doesn't save space (your own bags will stow easily in your purse or backpack or under a seat). So, really the only answer to paper vs. plastic is neither. Reusable bags are the way to go, and they are inexpensive and are widely available. They can be purchased for $1 at pretty much any grocery store, Coach clearance bags online and even stores like Wal Mart, Fred Myer, and Target. They will last for years, are machine washable and are easy to stow in a convenient location. Authentic coach sunglasses case At $1 each, Cheap coach wristlets wallets they won't break the bank even if you forget your bags and need to
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